Our Vision, Mission and Values

Elpis’ VISION is to build a growing family of satisfied clients and advisers whose hopes for a secure financial future are transformed into reality.

Our MISSION is to bring Elpis (hope) to all. We want to be your trusted helper in every stage of your financial life with your financial security as our top priority.  We will achieve this through:

  1. Adopting stringent recruitment criteria and procedures to select advisers with the right hardware and “heart-ware”
  2. Conducting comprehensive training in financial planning and wealth management
  3. Widening our range of products and services continuously to keep our clients and advisers well served
  4. Rewarding our advisers equitably so that they remain motivated to serve the best interests of our clients


Our VALUES, therefore, are to:

Empathise — Understand and cater to the needs of each unique individual
Empower — Present you with many options from our wide network of insurance and investment principals so you are able to build, grow and pass on  your wealth.
Exemplify — We only present solutions which we would use ourselves