Entering the Workforce

 Wealth Accumulation

You have just started working, but you already have to consider housing and wedding plans. Defy the ill-effects of inflation with an investment plan and make your money work harder for you. We will help you earn more through your savings.

Income Protection

Even though you can’t be 100% sure about the future, you can insure up to 75% of your income by working with the right insurance plan. Let us help you secure your financial future from unforeseeable events.

   Recovery Assurance

Medical Care can be expensive, especially if you just started working. With the right plan, you can cover your entire medical bill so that in the unfortunate case of hospitalisation or surgery, recovery will be your only priority. Let us help assure your recovery.

Starting a Family

Household Income

At Elpis, we understand that providing for your family comes first no matter what. When you protect yourself, you protect your loved ones. With our wide variety of income schemes, you can be sure to find the one that will see your family through the rainy days in life.

The Cost of Education

We all know raising a child isn’t cheap. Studies have shown that the costs of raising a child in Singapore can be as much as $700,000, and even more if you want an overseas education for your child. Don’t let money take the joy out of raising children. This daunting figure can be managed with an effective savings scheme, allowing your money to grow beyond what inflation depletes. Let us help you and your children achieve big dreams.

Housing Loan

Housing loans can be a huge financial burden to the family, spanning over a long period of time. With the right plan you can leave behind a home securely without any burden for your loved ones to bear. Talk to us today.

Family Medical Care Cover

Paying for medical care can really add up when you have children. The right plan can cover you and your family’s entire medical bill, bringing you peace of mind so that in the regrettable case of needing medical care, recovery shall be you and your loved ones only concern.

Retiring Comfortably

Retirement Savings

With living costs rising every day, don’t be overconfident that your savings will see you through retirement. Whether your focus is on guarantee of capital or a lifelong monthly dividend, our wide variety of solutions allow you to tailor a plan just for you. If you want to retire early, plan with us today.

  Supplementary Support

Our daily activities – general mobility, eating, dressing, transferring, showering and toileting are functions we don’t consider until we lose them. Requiring assistance in our daily activities becomes more likely as we age. A long-term care plan will ensure that you will be able to afford the help you or your elderly loved ones need. Work with us today to find a plan that will enable you to live life to the fullest.

  Hospitalisation Costs

With age, likely visits to the hospital can be detrimental to your retirement fund. Let us help you find the right hospitalisation and surgical plan to protect your retirement fund so that you can sit back and not worry about the costs. Speak with us today.